Online shopping Software

A single cloud-based solution to manage your entire retail business across all channels and touchpoints.


Retail Management/Online shopping Software

Microtelesoft’s Retail Management software is an end to end Retail Management Software for Retail Store Chain companies integrating all aspects of Retail Business ranging from Head Office functions to Back Office Store and POS operations. It delivers a configurable, flexible, and scalable solution that is easy to implement and easier to work on it. It helps our customers ranging from a single store with few POS to a complex multi-store environment with complete integration with your day to day retail management. The solution automates the entire operations, virtually eliminating paper work. Our software is ideal for is ideal for both small scale retailers to multi store retailers. High volume retailers will like its quick service interface. High service retailers will appreciate the many complex special order fulfillment options, customer specific pricing, flexible kit combinations, and customized, ticket-building special messaging for the POS screen.

Retail (Online shopping) Management Software has following Features :

  • Product Category, Sub-Category Creation (Add, Edit and Delete)
  • Product Creation (Add, Edit and Delete)
  • Product Featuers Creation (Add, Edit and Delete)
  • Simple and Advanced Search
  • CRM Integration
  • Custom User Interface
  • Customer Database
  • Inventory Management
  • Shopping Cart
  • Various Payment Options (Cash, Cheque, local Pickup, Paypal)
  • Order Tracking
  • Order History
  • Online Order/Invoice Creation and Mailing
  • Invoice Processing
  • Sales Tracking