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"Our organizational processes are simple enough to be managed using spreadsheets.” Are you one of the entrepreneurs who think this way? Well, you might not say this once your organization grows and there is a need to streamline functions of different departments. Biztech helps you to employ an ERP system that derives value from an array of management functionalities.

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An Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software or system development helps organizations better manage their resources. The most vital aim to be achieved through ERP software is to integrate back office business processes and facilitating the information flow within an organization to take data-driven decisions. So enterprise resources planning software / system collects data from various levels of an organization and organizes it for business activities across departments. With a dedicated enterprise resource planning software / system development, an organization can standardize and automate its processes to achieve high level of efficiency in its operations. The ERP system ensures that all employees in an organization are working with the same data and watching the same key-performance indicators.

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Enterprise Resource Planning systems are software systems that prove to be of great help in operations planning, administration and to optimize internal business processes, comprising of manufacturing, supply chain, financials, customer relationship management, human resources as well as warehouse management. With the help of these solutions, a typical ERP software integrates the data and processes of an organization into a single unified system.

Why ERP Software is Crucial for Your Business?

Organizations engaged in selling products need ERP to address their manufacturing, supply-chain and distribution functions while organizations engaged in selling services need ERP to support their service-level agreements, field services and various sales-operations.

The ERP application development and deployment prove to be useful when all its modules are loosely coupled and easily integrated with other systems of software already available in an organization. Here are the key modules of an ERP system that every organization need:


It collects financial data and generates reports based on it. These reports include ledgers, trial balance data, overall balance sheets and quarterly financial statements.


Eliminating repetitive processes, ERP is helpful in reducing the requirement to manually enter information. This way the system streamlines business processes making it a lot more easier and efficient for companies to collect data.


You don’t require to distribute data throughout numerous of separate databases and you will find all the information located in a single location. This way the data is consistent as well as up-to-date.


When you use an ERP system you get high-quality customer service, it’s a lot easier for sales and customer service people to interact with customers thus improving relationships with them, via faster and a lot more exact access to customers’ information and history.


With a new system you get better accuracy, consistency and data security. This way you can even improve the restrictions to data.


Yes reduced operating costs is among the most immediate benefits of implementing an ERP, such as lower inventory control costs, lower production costs and lower marketing costs.


Reporting becomes a lot more easier and customizable with ERP software. With enhanced reporting capabilities it’s easy for your company to respond to intricate data requests a lot easily. The users are allowed to execute their own reports sans the need to rely on help from IT.

How We Help You


  • We help organisations by developing customized calendar, Simple social network and Messaging Service, built-in to-do lists and projects, time log entries, embedded reporting system with office suite integration.

Sales and CRM

  • We help organisations by developing customized calendar, Simple social network and Messaging Service, built-in to-do lists and projects, time log entries, embedded reporting system with office suite integration.

Human Resource Management

  • This is the area where we have worked with major organisations to help them with leave and attendance management, expense claims submission, payroll and appraisals among other HR functions.

Supply Chain Management

  • We understand how crucial supply chain functions are for your growth. Keeping this in mind, we build solutions which will help you manage shipping, logistics, tracking, invoices and manage other real time data.

Inventory management and Manufacturing

  • This is where ERP has already proven to be the best support system. ERP helps you with all warehouse management functions and our ‘Production Planning Tool’ helps you plan production and materials beforehand.

Accounting and Billing

  • Our Accounting and Billing software comes loaded with features including multi-currency and multi-country support, powerful accounting with tax calculations, company’s chart of accounts and cost centers etc.