Software Development,Website Design and MobileApp Development Company in Dispur

Software Development,Website Design, MobileApp Development Company in Dispur

Microtelesoft is a leading Software Development,Website Design and MobileApp Development Company in Dispur . Microtelesoft.Pvt.Ltd was founded with the mission to empower people and organizations by designing, developing, and delivering leading edge software solutions and products to streamline and optimize business operations and processes. Our primary objective is to partner with our clients in the development of solutions that leverage cutting edge technologies to allow our clients to change the operating business rules in their markets to their advantage. We accomplish this through a customer-centric, global, vibrant, learning organization.To develop a truly global, quick responding, aggressive corporate body that remains on the cutting edge of technology and delivers value beyond expectations to our business partners.

After working with and leading technical companies, Microtelesoft saw the business need for small technical teams that could focus on core challenges without the daily distractions typical in organizations. These teams needed to be cross functional, assembled and disbanded quickly, provide key technical expertise, understand the product vision, and be equally adept at investigating feasibility, productizing the features, defining the architecture, implementation, and eventually shipping the solution. MTS was founded to solve these problems. We are a core technical consultancy focused on mobile products and solutions. We help clients: - Investigate technically feasibility and alternatives - Design and implement solutions and platforms - Improve stability and get the product ready to ship We understand that requirements will likely evolve over the course of product development. We believe that code and check-in comments are better than status meetings. And that shipping is paramount.

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