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Real Estate Management System

Real Estate Management System

Real Estate Management software is designed for the individual customer, investor, buyer or small business owner to search Property over the internet. It helps to create a virtual marketplace for seller & buyers of Properties. It also provides unlimited options for Buyers & sellers. Properties can be searched using different search criteria. Selling & buying properties online was never so easy.

Real Estate Management System is a comprehensive, end-to-end real estate management solution that accommodates all aspects of real estate sales, leasing, property management, financing, and closings.

Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management Software

Microtelesoft’s Hotel Management Software is an exhaustive Hotel Management Software, designed for full service luxury inns, bed, breakfasts, and resorts. It emphasizes the highest level of individual guest services through our comprehensive features seamlessly integrating rooms, dining, and retail, with information contained in reservations till back office operations. Apart from these things it also helps you to manage your employees.

Microtelesoft is a web-based online reservation and management system for small to medium sized hotels the system also features a spa management system and a simple point of sale system.

Hotel Billing Software

Hotel Billing Software

Hotel Billing Software is our comprehensive hotel or restaurants counter billing, inventory, and recipe costing control software.

User friendly interface which helps you to understand actual working concept of software and how it works fast. Main feature of software is it supports to open and manage multiple bill records at a time. And find out any, change contents and save or print it quickly. Using shortcut keys you can find any bill, edit it and print it quickly. So that saves your valuable time, work fast and get output quickly.

Hospital Management Software (HMS)

Hospital Management Software (HMS)

Microtelesoft is a software company for the Hospitals to manage their day to day work as well as facilaitates a strong reporting system. Our Hospital Management System (HMS) can look after Inpatients, OPD patients, records, database treatments, status illness, and billings. It also maintains hospital information such as ward ID, Doctord in Charge, and Department administering.

Online Exam Management

Online Exam Management

Microtelesoft provide one such kind of a solution for distance examination through its “Web Based Online Test Module”. This Internet/intranet based testing can be offered at different times at different locations to different candidates. Our assessment solution is interactive, easy to use and will work effectively as the examination environment is secured. The concept of paper based exam can be eliminated thereby making it cost effective. Results can be generated instantaneously saving time and efficiency of the candidate can be measured for better assessment. This simple solution can be used by one and all for its dependability and flexibility.

College or School Management Software

College or School Management Software

College or School Management Software has education's most flexible and interactive scheduling function, thus meeting the communication and information needs of the entire college community in real time.

We are offering college management Software solution for managing educational institutions such as colleges, schools and universities. Having been developed based on Microsoft Dot Net technologies, it allows you to use the enterprise-wide information from an integrated database, website and also easily you can track your all college management activities and departments.

Travel Management Software

Travel Management Software

Microtelesoft’s Travel Management Software is one the best travel management software which is available in the market which supports the wide range of management and distribution aspects of your travel business. It is quick to launch, and easy to use. Our Travel Management Software is user-friendly and supports in-house content as well as a wealth of 3rd party content interfaces. The system is intuitive and supports every activity of the travel business, including operations and financial aspects. It has an integrated booking engine, multiple third party connectivity interfaces, fares management, back office suite, MIS reporting and other connected components that travel companies would need.

Job portal Software and Recruitment Portal website.

Job portal Software and Recruitment Portal website.

Jobs Portal is a web product for running powerful and customized job portals. The product may be used for Recruitment management website to empower existing websites with jobs portal functionality. Jobs Portal comes with a front site (fully customizable and template based), jobseekers administration space (with functionality for the users to edit their profile, consult the job offers, manage their resume etc.), employers administration space (allowing the employers to post job ads, manage their company profile, search the database with the jobseekers resumes and many others) and powerful back office for the administrators (providing full control over the website, structure and content management, detailed user management, search engines reports, statistics and many others).

Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software

Inventory management is like a life line of any manufacturing or goods trading company. Inventory managemtn helps in maintaining the data of goods purchased, sold, or traded. It helps them to maintain goods categories, goods sub-categories, purchase invoices, sales invoices, returns , refunds, stock balance, taxes, reports.

Inventory management is very important aspect for both manufacturing and goods trading companies. And an effective management leads them to the increased profit margins. Un-necessary storing of neither finished products nor raw material is beneficial to the company.

Retail (Online shopping) Management Software

Retail (Online shopping) Management Software

Microtelesoft’s Retail Management software is an end to end Retail Management Software for Retail Store Chain companies integrating all aspects of Retail Business ranging from Head Office functions to Back Office Store and POS operations. It delivers a configurable, flexible, and scalable solution that is easy to implement and easier to work on it. It helps our customers ranging from a single store with few POS to a complex multi-store environment with complete integration with your day to day retail management. The solution automates the entire operations, virtually eliminating paper work. Our software is ideal for is ideal for both small scale retailers to multi store retailers.

Office Management System

Office Management System

Office management software is an essential element of present-day discipline, because such software serves as a managerial instrument for measuring, tracking and improving performance on essential activities and business processes in your organization's office. It allows establishing connections through virtual environment between employees and their supervisors, between different project participants, stakeholders and managers, between different back and front departments. It is a proven way for company director, manager and other supervisors of all levels to control progression of different jobs, tasks and plans within company environment. Collaborative software is intended to be used not only by office manager , but also by all team members that are provided with individual office management tool to carry out specific functions and use different services.

Iphone App

Food Booking Service

Food Booking Service

Food Booking Service

Food Booking Service

Fourth View

Hospital Management

Android App

Food Booking Service

Food Booking Service

Food Booking Service

Food Booking Service

Fourth View

Hospital Management



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