Enterprise Resource Planning Software

ERP is a process by which a company manages and integrates the important parts of its business. It integrates areas such as planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance and HR.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software

It is a comprehensive information system that addresses all the needs of an enterprise with the process view of an organization, to meet the organizational goals and integrate all the functions of the enterprise. Itis a fully scalable, robust and 100% Web based Enterprise Resource Management System that automates both internal and external processes of your company. With Ityour company can improve the strategic alignment and efficiencies of Financial, Human Capital and Operational processes. It provides powerful technology infrastructure and all the tools you need to enhance the productivity and profitability of your business.

It is packed with powerful functionalities that is extremely easy to implement and use. Shortest learning curve ensures successful utilization of the product.

It is highly comprehensive in its scope, modular and flexible, fully customizable, totally secure and robust. Itis highly scalable and performance-wise the best in the industry.

Itcan be deployed across multiple verticals viz. Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Trading, Electricals, Electronics, Distribution, Engineering, Power Generation etc.

  • Fully Integrated Solution that meet all your real-time requirements
  • Complete Enterprise Functionality – ensure standardization of your processes and guarantees ROI.
  • Web Based Solution, that ensures hassle free Deployment, easy Maintenance and excellent User Interface.
  • No Client Installation. Just a browser is needed for accessing from any client machine. Relieves you from the troubles of installation of client software at client machines. Upgrading the product in future is no more a cumbersome task as only server software is upgraded and no client installation resulting into Easy Maintenance, Trouble Free Access and better GUI.
  • Suite of modules tightly integrated and is 100% customizable to meet your business process.

Working Modules

  • Material Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Sales & Sales Force Automation
  • Purchase & eProcurement (SCM/CRM)
  • Financial Accounting (AP/AR/FA/BR/GL)
  • Production Planning
  • Engineering & Design
  • Quality Control
  • Plant Maintenance
  • HRMS
  • Service Management
  • Jobs Management
  • CRM
  • Tender Management


  • 100% Web based Solution, supports Cloud infrastrcutre as well.
  • Accessible on Laptops, Desktops, iPADs, Tablets, Smart Phones etc. irrespective of their Operating System.
  • Unicode Based Multi Lingual Complilant. For Arabic LTR Support.
  • Upload using Excel / .CSV files.
  • Multi Document attachment facility (even scanned copies can be attached)
  • Tightly Integrated modules ensures replication of data cross functionalities - avoid duplicate / same entry multi times.
  • Inbuilt Middle-ware for To & Fro Data Sharing
  • Latest Technology - Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, ASP.NET 4.5, C#, Ajax, XML / JSAN, MVC Architecture. Support MS SQL 2005 onwards and Oracle 8i onwards.
  • Archhitecture / Performance / Scalability Certified by Microsoft
  • Horizontal & Vertical Scalability
  • Report Generation Tool - Letter Based / Data based / Graphical Reports - with Automated Delivery Facililty


  • Multi-user Access
  • Configurable Hierarchy
  • Configurable Questionnaires
  • Configurable Income Tax
  • Online Help
  • Knowledgebase / FAQ
  • SMS / Email Alerts
  • Business Dashboard
  • Transaction Maintenance
  • Most User Friendly navigation
  • Complete Audit Trial
  • Customizable Look & Feel
  • 3 months free off-site support
Microtelesoft approach is to take your project, and break it up into modules to quickly decide on your exact requirements. We will then build a quote, and a project plan after the work is agreed on.