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  • Microtelesoft.com is offering various outsourcing services to small to larg scale companies through its creative and fast service delivery team. It has many account managers accross globe to work with the clients and help them in IT services, Mobile application initiatives, application software, website and portal development, SEO services and IT support. Contact us to discuss our service offerings.
  • Microtelesoft.com reveals it’s secrete to become best software company in India, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, China, France, Brazil and Australia.
  • Here is our success story and top ingredients for a software outsourcing company for Mobile, iPhone, Android, Software, Website and SEO

    We tried to different our products and services from other software companies by setting these goals for our self from the beginning of our company foundation.

    Be a star Software outsourcing company

    We pride our self as of the star Indian Software Outsourcing Companies for iPhone app, Android app & mobile application development. Best Software company for .NET, mySQL, Java, PHP, C++, Objective C development.

    A dazzling website design company

    We design dazzling websites, rock solid eCommerce website, Mobile websites, social media & social networking website development for many companies..

    A highly sought after Mobile app software company

    Meet the highly desire iPhone, iPad, iOS application development, Android apps and windows mobile phone app company using latest mobile app software, QNX, Car2, latest telemetic software, Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread.

    Very experienced Social networking software company

    Very experienced Social networking software & website Development Company. Your business will rock by gaining customers around the world. We will build your Social networking software & website from scratch.

    Rock solid eCommerce website & software company

    Need a rock solid eCommerce website solution e.g. AspDotNetStorefront etc. Shopping cart solutions and payment gateway integration. Contact Microtelesoft.com

    A leader in HTML5 & Flash website software company

    Try our HTML5, Flash programming, Websites, Games and mobile applications, Banners, Animations, Rich Internet Application with Silver light, Flash, Flex, Adobe AIR, Java, AJAX

    Best Website Templates, Portals, CMS, Graphics, Banners, Logo, Animation, Website Design, Brochures design company

    Buy our website Templates, portals, Graphics, Banners, Logo, Animation, Website Design, classic Brochures for companies and business.

    Range of Top SEO outsourcing services that ensures the top website ranking in all search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask

    Our top SEO outsourcing services are helping many companies to rank in search engines. As one of the top SEO companies we use fresh SEO content, top SEO software and organic SEO content. Hire our SEO consultants, Freelancers and Developers

  • Microtelesoft.com making waves by developing top mobile application(app), iphone application(app), android application(app) at its mobile software company in India, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, China, and France - Tue Monday,18th June, 2012 8:32:21
    Microtelesoft.com is a professionally managed technology company, located in US (USA) and India. We specialize in Mobile application(app), iPhone application(app), Android application(app) development, mobile software (iOS5, Android OS, windows phone), application software, web site design, development and testing using asp.net, sql server, PHP, mySql, AJAX. We have also expertise in Java, J2ME and ruby on rail. Microtelesoft.com is the ultimate destination for the “Best software for mobile apps, websites, business application, IT outsourcing and SEO software services. First impression last forever. We have been selected as best software and mobile app company for many clients in India, US(USA), UK, Europe(France, Germany), Australia and Canada. We have created and launched so many successful software products, Mobile (iPhone, Android, Windows mobile phone) apps, websites and software projects for many types businesses around the globe. So we have done it for many companies and we are 100% sure we can do it for you with low cost and top quality software. This software company has a perfect mix of team experience to deliver world class software solutions with guaranteed quality and satisfaction for the clients. It has the ability to will turn your idea into reality by applying very creative design, latest mobile app development, web development standards, software methodology and best quality. You can be confident that whatever your project demands, the software team at microtelesoft.com can deliver the software outsourcing projects on time and on budget. Microtelesoft.com works with its clients with highest degree of honesty, integrity and collaborative way throughout the project life-cycle. Microtelesoft’s goal is to make it’s clients to be success in their business and it makes a significant impact to software market. So without any hesitation, please submit your project requirement and give us a chance to earn your business.
  • Microtelesoft ranks as the top software outsourcing companies - Tue Tuesday,28 Feb, 2012 11:32:21
    Are you still looking for best outsourcing companies in India? Are you still looking for best software companies in India for IT outsourcing, software development, top SEO services, website design, Mobile app, Android app, iPhone app development, software testing, IT staffing & training. Outsourcing to India is cheap and low cost. You are amaze to know that you found the right software company Microtelesoft to deliver all your IT department’s need.
  • Jump-Starting the Innovation Engine - Mon, Mon,19 Sep, 2011 09:32:21
    As US companies emerge from what is now acknowledged as the longest economic downturn of the post-World War II era, they are beginning to prioritize innovation as a primary engine for long-term growth.
  • The Importance of Customer Experience in Product Strategy - Wed, 21 Sep, 2011 12:32:21
    A product development strategy must be designed to deliver a compelling set of customer/user experiences rather than a collection of product features and attributes. Customer experience must therefore be factored in at the very outset of product design.
  • Testing has indeed come a long way - Tues, 20 Sep, 2011 12:32:21
    Over the last decade or so, with IT moving from being purely a back-end support phenomenon, to a revenue generating platform, organizations have been quick to realize that Quality means Money or Revenue. This shift in thinking has got organizations to closely align testing with business processes. A lot of IT organizations have also moved towards a test driven SDLC to maximize their investments in IT. Aspects like risk based testing or test optimization, which were more of an afterthought previously, are now baked in to the project methodology right from initiation itself. This shift has redefined testing making it and its contribution to business, more valuable than ever before.
  • Are you able to realize the elusive savings? - Wed, 21 Sep, 2011 12:32:21
    Cost reduction has invariably gained maximum consideration as part of any strategic or tactical initiatives during last few years. One customer lamented during review meeting that in spite of fantastic effort put in by the team amidst excellent visibility, the top management in the end was not impressed with the savings realized. Last few years have also witnessed a surge in cost reduction initiatives which was pervasive across entire supply chain and 'savings realization' has probably been the single most important aspect which decided the final fate of these initiatives.
  • What Google Plus can teach us about Social CRM and MDM? - Wed, 21 Sep, 2011 12:32:21

    In this age of Social CRM, the ability of any company to successfully engage with their customers depends a great deal on a well-defined "Social" MDM strategy.

    Social MDM by its very nature presents unique challenges and thus opportunities as well to companies as well as technology partners. 
  • Announcing Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 - Wed, 21 Sep, 2011 12:32:21

    Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 take these even further by introducing Stage 3D, a new architecture for hardware accelerated graphics rendering that delivers 1000x faster rendering performance over Flash Player 10. It enables new classes of console-quality games and immersive apps, such as Tanki Online and Zombie Tycoon (see videos below). Stage 3D enables content that efficiently animate millions of objects on screen, smoothly rendered at 60 frames per second — the result is fluid, cinematic app and game experiences. Additionally, these releases deliver new features to support theater-quality HD video, native 64-bit optimizations, high-quality HD video conferencing, and a powerful, flexible architecture for leveraging native device and platform capabilities. We’re turning the dial up.

  • Hacking for humanity in Silicon Valley and around the globe - Wed, 21 Sep, 2011 12:32:21

    Two years ago representatives from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Hewlett-Packard, NASA and the World Bank came together to form the Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) program. The idea was simple: technology can and should be used for good. RHoK brings together subject matter experts, volunteer software developers and designers to create open source and technology agnostic software solutions that address challenges facing humanity. On June 4-5, 2011 we’ll hold the third Random Hacks of Kindness global event at five U.S. locations and 13 international sites, giving local developer communities the opportunity to collaborate on problems in person.

  • Launch a mobile business with The Guide to the App Galaxy - Wed, 21 Sep, 2011 12:32:21

    The Guide to the App Galaxy, which we showed off last week at Google I/O, is designed to help mobile app developers—regardless of platform—navigate the complexities of launching an app and building a business on mobile. As you maneuver through the "galaxy” using the arrow keys on your keyboard, you’ll get the basics about app promotion, monetization and measurement—with tips from Google as well as successful developers.

  • Keynote and session videos from Google I/O now live - Wed, 21 Sep, 2011 12:32:21

    With Google I/O 2011 just two days behind us, we wanted to thank the nearly 1 million developers who joined us at Moscone Center, attended I/O Extended events and watched online via I/O Live from 161 countries around the world.

    The keynote presentations highlighted the momentum and vision for two of our most important developer platforms: Android and Chrome.

  • Keynote and session videos from Google I/O now live - Wed, 21 Sep, 2011 12:32:21

    With Google I/O 2011 just two days behind us, we wanted to thank the nearly 1 million developers who joined us at Moscone Center, attended I/O Extended events and watched online via I/O Live from 161 countries around the world.

    The keynote presentations highlighted the momentum and vision for two of our most important developer platforms: Android and Chrome.

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