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Latest Blogs

3-D printing 100 times faster with light
Posted Date : 01/21/2019
It's one of the first true 3-D printers ever made
Tactile Excel sheets and graphics to boost job prospects for blind people
Posted Date : 01/21/2019
Advances in digital braille devices could help the 30 million blind
India to soon get its own standard of Apparel Size
Posted Date : 01/20/2019
The minister announced to carry out a study to gauge the domestic demand of the textiles market.
Your income tax return will soon be processed in one day
Posted Date : 01/17/2019
The broad's objective of the integration project includes faster and accurate outcomes for taxpayer, enhancing user experience at all stages, improving awareness and education via continuous engagement.
‘The Finisher’: How often MS Dhoni finishes matches in the final over in ODIs
Posted Date : 01/16/2019
MS Dhoni gained the reputation of being called as "the finisher" for India in his early days
PUBG Blamed for Poor Exam Results, J&K Student Body Seeks 'Ban'
Posted Date : 01/16/2019
PUBG Mobile ban in Jammu and Kashmir demanded following poor exam results
PM Modi receives Philip Kotler award
Posted Date : 01/15/2019
The award focuses on the triple bottom-line of 'people, profit and planet'
Fuel prices hiked again, Petrol now costs more than Rs 70
Posted Date : 01/14/2019
Experts have predicted global oil prices to stabilise around the current levels and are likely to drift upwards gradually in the year.
India vs Aus 2nd ODI LIVE: Marsh and Khawaja Steady Innings
Posted Date : 01/14/2019
Second ODI at Adelaide on Tuesday.
VCs plowed a record $9.3 billion into AI startups last year
Posted Date : 01/13/2019
The largest deal in AI in the U.S. for all of 2018 was self-driving car startup Zoox Inc.’s $500 million funding round.
World Bank Sees Global Growth Slowing To 2.9% In 2019
Posted Date : 01/11/2019
The World Bank expects emerging market economies to grow at 4.2%
The Accidental Prime Minister
Posted Date : 01/10/2019
An amusing and engaging look at the term of Dr Manmohan Singh as India’s PM
Indian IT and ITeS exports may witness 8 to 10 percent growth in FY19
Posted Date : 01/09/2019
Indian IT and ITeS exports may witness 8 to 10 percent growth in FY19
Bharat Bandh
Posted Date : 01/08/2019
The strike has been called by the central trade unions against the alleged repressive policies for workers adopted by the government.
Fireworks Blast In 2019 Worldwide After Turbulent Year
Posted Date : 01/06/2019
Fireworks explode, during New Year celebrations
Hardware-software co-design approach could make neural networks less power hungry
Posted Date : 01/06/2019
Hardware and algorithms that could cut energy use and time when training a neural network
Training machines sans bias will only augment humans
Posted Date : 12/26/2018
stressed that the outcome of AI/ML models are always based on the data and the training with those.
SpaceX blasts off powerful GPS satellite for US military
Posted Date : 12/25/2018
The launch sent the Global Positioning System III space vehicle (SV) satellite into space to join the Air Force's constellation of 31 operational GPS satellites.
Indian govt may open data platforms to public scrutiny in January
Posted Date : 12/25/2018
Infrastructure developed under every urban renewal scheme will be geotagged and a unique app will enable any citizen to access information on its implementation, said officials.
Indian IT industry is making convincing strides as their clients demand digital transformation
Posted Date : 12/23/2018
Predictions about the demise of Indian IT industry were hardly new though