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Apple Adds New Screen Capture Interface to MacOS Mojave

Published Date: 8/3/2018 2:49:37 AM

Having introducedMacOS Mojave in June, Apple has started to roll out builds to the developerand public beta. One feature that many users have been interested to try is thenew screen capture interface that Apple has included.


In Apple’s announcement the tech giantstated that, “The new screen capture interface will deliver on-screen controlsfor easy access to every screenshot option and new video recordingcapabilities. A streamlined workflow enables easy screenshot sharing withoutcluttering the desktop.”


Early indications are that Apple has livedup to its promise and unified screenshot options and the new screen recordingfeature into a single interface that can be brought up by pressing‘Command+Shift+S’. The interface itself is a floating palette consisting ofseveral icons, each of which allowing for screenshots or recordings of theentire screen, a selected area, or specifically in the case of screenshots - aprogram window.


The interface also includes an ‘Options’menu that currently houses a few basic items. Within it users will be able tospecify where screenshots or recordings will be saved, select whether to hideor show the mouse cursor, and set up a short delay before capture.


The most interesting item in the ‘Options’menu is the ‘Show floating thumbnail’ option. It appears to be a mirror of theiOS 11 feature that will display screenshots or recordings in a small thumbnailat the bottom corner of the screen after they are complete. Users will then beable to click on it to open a window containing Markup tools and basic editingfeatures, or to save it in a location of their choice.


It should be noted that the presence ofMarkup tools is yet another new feature in Mojave, but is also one that iOS 11users will be familiar with. With Markup users can add comments or doodle onthe images or recordings that they capture, and it was one of the features thatwas well-received when iOS 11 went live.


Overall the fact that the screen captureinterface adds and brings together all these features is being viewedpositively. For screen recording in particular the new interface makes it mucheasier and more convenient to record videos.


In the past the built-in screen recorder onMacOS was housed within QuickTime itself, and many users may not even haverealized it was present. Now that it is part of the unified screen captureinterface, it is much more accessible and a single keyboard shortcut and clickare all that it takes to start recording.


Recently screen recording has started tosteadily gain popularity, possibly as a result of built-in recorders beingincluded on iOS 11, Window 10, and now MacOS. Aside from being used as a toolto create content, users find it to be a convenient way to save content and capturestreaming video, video calls, or anything else from their screens.


As things stand there is no officialrelease date for MacOS Mojave, but Apple has stated that it will be availablein ‘Autumn 2018’. While that isn’t that far off, users wishing to try it outcan participate in the AppleBeta Software Program to gain access to the public beta.


Due to the fact that MacOS Mojave is stillin beta there may be changes that are made to the screen capture interface andother features between now and the time that it is released. In its presentform it does seem to do everything right in terms of providing a simple way tocapture screenshots and screen recordings quickly and without any hassle.

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7) Apple Adds New Screen Capture Interface to MacOS Mojave Published Date : 08/03/2018
Having introduced MacOS Mojave in June, Apple has started to roll out builds to the developer and public beta. One feature that many users have been interested to try is the new screen capture interface that Apple has included.